Monday, June 11, 2007

Ultra Chic Lounges

So...I am recovering and recouperating from my rounds of weddings this weekend - many congratulations go out to Sarah Rosensteen & Rob McCracken along with Mobola Kadiri & Joe Kingston as they said their respective "I Do's" and headed off into the land of matrimony!

I wanted to share some cool pics from Sarah & Rob's celebration - because I created a lounge for their guests during the cocktail hour. While the lounge effect isn't necessary a new thing - it's a growing trend at many wedding receptions. It gives your guests a nice place to chill out, hang out and enjoy wonderful drinks, tasty noshes and fabulous conversation - which to be perfectly honest, is what can define the mood and ambiance of your party.

Many thanks go out to Dave Fritz and the fine folks at Cort Event Furnishings for the wonderful "Diva" line of white leather ottomans, benches and couches. Yes - it's called "Diva", appropriate - don't you think? :)

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