Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pet Peeve #2

Would be people who R.S.V.P to a wedding - but don't show up!

Just a small f.y.i. for those persons who do that - receptions cost money!!! When you tell the bride and groom that you will be in attendance to celebrate with them, they tell the caterer, who then charges them accordingly - PER PERSON, for all of the folks that are supposed to be in the house. And guess what? They can't get a "refund" for NO SHOWS!!!

I understand that stuff happens - heck, life is a constantly changing vista. But, please - for the sake of that couple who's shelled out some dollar bills for you to come and be with them, be a courteous and responsible guest and let them know (even if it's the night before) that for whatever emergency reason - you can't make it. As a wedding planner - I absolutely cringe when I see empty tables!! I always feel horrible for the couple, as I know that they've taken so much time and effort to pull together a wonderful time for their guests - and they've got "no shows". If the reception was $75 per person and you have 20 people who don't attend - well, you do the math.........

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Tonto said...

YOu know my theory on that one ... a simple note to the person that did not show.

In lieu of a gift ...since you did not show for the wedding .Here is your bill for the plate. Thanks so much