Sunday, December 30, 2007

It Takes A Village

and I mean that order to pull off the events we manage, it takes a full blown team of assistants, interns, setup crew, vendors and yours make things work.

I thought I would share some of the "before" photos of me and the team - HARD AT WORK, making things happen before guests set one foot in the door. What you see at our weddings is the finished product, the results of our labor. As a professional wedding consultant, I will be the first to tell you that it is essential to have a team on board to manuever and work things out - I can't be in 5 places at that's where my staff comes in. We are at the bride's location, we are with the groom and his party, we are at the ceremony site AND we are taking care of the reception venue also. When I say "we" - that's a literal term. It's our policy to have team members everywhere - so no stone goes unturned and your wedding starts on time!!!

And to make your event go "WOW" - it takes a few hours (in some cases - days) to do all of the installation and setup work. For the events we produce - it's our team that does the linen placement, napkin folding, chair setup, candle lighting, cake tables, sweetheart tables....that list just goes on and on. I mean, I guess I could let someone else handle it - but I'm not that kind of planner. When I design a concept for a client - I have to be all over it. Call me compulsive, obsessive - whatever, but that "eventscape" is my baby and I will manage how it is crafted.

Many, many thanks to my loyal associates, assistants, interns, setup crew and vendors - we've put in some long hours this year, so I hope you are getting some rest now!!!

The Year In Review - More Pics

A few more images to share..........
Venue Locations (top to bottom):
The Sheraton City Center Hotel
Grey Rock Mansion
The Lyric Opera House
The Gathering Place

The Year In Review - Trois

You didn't think I was finished - did you?????????
All pictures courtesy of Garrett Photography
Venue Locations (top to bottom):
Marriott Waterfront Hotel
The Grand Lodge @ Bonnie Blink

The Year In Review - Part Deux

I love all things beautiful - which is why I love designing wonderful "weddingscapes" for my clients and their guests. Here are few glimpses into what came out of my head for the 2007 season.......wait until you see what I have on tap for 2008!!!

Photo credits:
Genevieve Leiper Photography
Michael Clark Photographics
Natarsha Wright & Izabella Lopez

Venue Locations (top to bottom)
Grey Rock Mansion
Mt. Airy Mansion
Raffles Resort - Canouan Island, The Grenadines