Wednesday, December 22, 2010


is one of the things I most enjoy. With that in mind (and by popular demand!), I'll be offering a "Weekend Of Learning" Seminar Series in February that focus on two core issues which challenge planners and other wedding industry professionals - Fees/Pricing & Contracts.

The bottom line is simple - you have to be clearly structured when it comes to what you charge AND you need to be able to get it all in writing. The "Make Your Money" and "Sign On The Dotted Line" workshops are one day intensives which delve deep into the "who, what, when, where and why's" of these two issues, allowing you to look at them from a differently honest angle.

Both workshops will be held at the Towson Marriott Conference Center Hotel. You can register for one or both sessions - discounts apply when you sign up for two!*
*applies only to standard registration

Make Your Money
Saturday, February 19, 2011
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sign On The Dotted Line...
Sunday, February 20, 2011
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Early Bird (ends 1/1/11): $195 per session
Standard (1/2/11 - 2/15/11 - $250 per session or $450 for both workshops
Late - $300 per person (based on availability)

Your registration includes:
All materials
Continental breakfast
Buffet Lunch
Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks
Certificate Of Participation
Free Parking

A block of rooms have been reserved for our attendees at the rate of $119 per night. The Towson Marriott Conference Center Hotel is an all-suite property, featuring comfortable work space, a kitchenette and spacious sleeping arrangements. Call (410) 324-8100 and ask for the "Weekend Of Learning/DIVA Enterprises" rate.

I hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Been A Long Time.......

since I last posted to "Confessions" - 4 months to be exact! So much has happened and things have literally been a whirlwind around the offices of TeamDIVA!!!

Today marks the Winter Solstice (6:38 p.m. to be exact) and with it, comes the SHORTEST day of the year. After today, we'll watch our nights grows shorter, our days grow longer..which can only mean one thing: Springtime will be right around the corner!!

I'm a winter baby - born on Christmas Day in the middle of a snowstorm, so the cold, icy weather is perfectly fine with me. Winter also gives me a chance to be introspective as well as retrospective, so I'll take the next few days to reflect back on the year 2010.

We had some amazing weddings and celebrations on board this year - from a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in January to start our production season off, to the delicious finale of a peacock-inspired nuptial shinding to close the year and TeamDIVA truly perfected the art of the "hustle" as we moved from event to event, making sure everything was on point and that our clients and their guests were taken care of in a fabulous way!

I also had the opportunity to teach and lecture this year in a variety of locales - from New Orleans to Las Vegas, Trinidad to Mexico (and a few other cities in between!), I racked up some serious frequent flier miles and had the chance to mentor and teach others about the industry I love so well.

Stay tuned for all of the wonderful updates!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Upcoming Seminar - Fee Structures For Wedding Planners

I absolutely, without a doubt, enjoy teaching. It's my way of "paying it forward" and sharing what I know with others. Because this has been such a hectic travel year, I've only been able to offer 1 Power Course..BUT, I have news to share!

If the notion of how much to charge for your services as a wedding planner has ever confused, befuddled or stumped you - I've got a workshop for you! "Making Your Money" is a one-day intensive designed to help you figure out what to charge AND why? You'll have the chance to spend the day with me and other colleagues as we strip away all of the mystery and mis-information about worth, expertise and how to make all of that into a positive cash flow!
Here are the details:

Making Your Money
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Towson Marriott Conference Center Hotel
10 W. Burke Avenue/Towson, MD.
Registration Fee: $150*
*includes all materials, continental breakfast, buffet lunch & snacks
Free parking at hotel
Discounted room rates available for out-of-town guests

I hope to see all of you there!!!

On The Road Again...........

(at the NACE Experience 2010 Gala in Austin with my dear friend & colleague, Vince Dreffs)

(Eventology '10 attendees working on my "FirstImpressions" exercise)

(Eventology 10' attendees literally had each other's "backs" during my session!)

(doing what I love to do.....)

(explaining my theories at Eventology '10)

(the amazing ballroom at the Palais Royale in South Bend - site of the Bella Bridal Event!)

(the lovely florals at the V.I.B. Brunch for the Bella Bridal Event)

(Gorgeous custom stationery made for me during my visit to South Bend!)

(Cookies & Milk - loved these noshes at the Bella pre-bridal show cocktail party!)

(Brides A La Mode - the sponsor of Bella Bridal Event!)

(View from my hotel in South Bend - I love looking at water!)

(Isis Petrie and Andria Lewis - 2 of my bestest planning colleagues!)

(The gang's all here! TSE 2010 peeps gathered for drinks in NoLA!)

(I can rock the feathers and beads too!!)

(Some of the participants in my E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. workshop at TSE 2010)

(If you are ever in New Orleans, Mulate's is a MUST - the food? OMG!)

(1st stop on my speaking tour for 2010 - The Special Event in New Orleans!)

I love the fact that my peers and colleagues in the industry WANT to hear my perspectives and outlooks on business. Make no mistake, I'm an entrepreneur - through and through. I readily admit to thinking differently and "out of the box"'s so important if you want to stay relevant, fresh and exciting!

Sharing what I've learned and what I know about the business of weddings and events has kept me in the air, on a train and in the car for a good portion of 2010! This is what my travel itinerary has looked like:
New Orleans
South Bend, Indiana
Austin, Texas

Coming up on deck:
St. Augustine, Florida
Riviera Maya, Mexico

I may be racking up those frequent flyer miles, but I'm also getting the opportunity to meet so many professionals and learn so many different outlooks about this field. Take a look at some of the amateur photos I've gathered over the year....can you tell I had a blast????


is one of my FAVORITE songs at the moment! This slickly produced, bass-intensive collaboration from Diddy/Rick Ross/Nicki Minaj and Dirty Money has the kind of groove which keeps the speakers in my new ride on full blast!!

I'm saying "hello AND good morning" to all of you - my loyal followers/readers! I know it's been a minute since we last chatted, but things have been BANANAS in my world! I have some gorgeous weddings to share, information and snippets on the places I've traveled in the last few months and of course, my viewpoint on all things celebratory and gorgeous!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Double Sweetness...

Recently, I was sent some samples of the most decadently delicious chocolate I've ever had. The Madelaine Chocolate Company reached out for my opinion and thoughts on their product, so here we go :)

The company has premiered a new line called "Duets" - wonderful rich chocolate, melded with another flavor to create a sumptuously creamy concoction. These "minis" are perfect as favors for weddings or parties....or just to treat yourself to something sweet.

With four pairings to choose from, Peanut Butter Caramel, Milk Truffle/White Truffle, Raspberry Peanut Butter and my fave - Raspberry White Truffle (pictured above), there's definitely something for everyone. After sampling these lovely little noshes (and I did share them with my staff!), we decided that the Duets had to be a part of this year's "I DO Brunch" LUXETotes. Each of our attendees received a dainty organza bag, filled with one of each flavor. Judging by the response we've received thus far...I'll say they were a huge HIT!

So if a bunch of wedding planners went ga-ga over these chocolate goodies, what do you think your guests would do??

Monday, April 26, 2010

"I DO Brunch" Recap - The Design Teams

(stationery by Just Ink On Paper/escort cards by Write Style Invitations)

("corset" cake by SugarBakers)

("corset" centerpiece by Intrigue Designs)

("birdcage" design by Bella Fiori Couture)

("topiary" wedding cake by Sweet - A Bakery & Cafe)

This year's Brunch had a twofold thematic - design and culinary. For some reason, the notion of a classically elegant English Garden resonated deeply within my psyche, so I thought it would be an excellent overall "look" for a Saturday morning event!

I invited some of the best creative talent, both on a local & national basis, to come in and show us what they were working with! From florals to linens, stationery to cake - these pros worked together as a team to best embody my "garden" notion to a level that even the most finicky wedding planner could appreciate!

The teams were given very simple instructions: Using the official color palette of green and purple, with black & white damask or French toile as an my guests what YOUR version of an English Garden looks like. There were no restrictions on their creativity..and I stayed out of the picture! Honestly -I didn't know what anything looked like until installation began the night prior to the Brunch :)

Each team was assigned a "quadrant" consisting of 4 dining tables, 1 cake table and 32 guests. The cake was the "center" of the quadrant and played an important role in the overall design. You see, I decided to make things a little "interesting" this year by incorporating a challenge into the scheme of things. "I DO Brunch" attendees would vote for the BEST Design Quadrant..not an individual table, so it became inherently important that the designers created a cohesive, consistent flow to their offerings. The winning team of the DesignScape Challenge would take home bragging rights as well as a lovely trophy for each participating company.

The quadrants were named after the actual English Gardens of Wakehurst Place, Sissinghurst, Sheffield Park & Kew Royal Botanical - and the placecards for each guest, designed by Write Style Invitations, directed them to specific locations within the "gardens". Each table had a written history of its respective location, so guests could have a bit of history and knowledge of these amazing locales.

Color, texture, fragrance..all collided into so many different facets for our guests. The teams did an extraordinarily excellent job of capturing the essence of an English Garden...truly, there are no words to really express how beautiful everything was!! Each and every participating company truly put their creative "muscle" into defining and portraying the beauty of a garden - it was difficult for the attendees to pick just ONE!!

The winner of the 2010 "I DO Brunch" DesignScape Challenge was the team of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens - Intrigue Design, Select Event Rentals, Diamond Minor Design & SugarBakers Cakes. Their "corsets" and "hats" really put an indelible mark on fashion as design!!

May I present the DesignScape Teams for this year's "I DO Brunch" - my thanks to everyone for doing an absolutely wonderful job!!!

Wakehurst Place Gardens
Roberta Salcedo
Bella Fiori Couture


Kate Kovalick
Creative Coverings


Le'Trice Penn
LePenn Designs

Wedding Cake:

Cynthia Knox
Cakes By Cynthia

Sheffield Park:
Jody Krug
Wessel's Florist


Adrian Goldsborough
Perfect Settings


Kristy Rice
Momental Designs

Wedding Cake:

Chris Sikora
Sweet - A Bakery & Cafe

Sissinghurst Gardens
Regina Davis
Flowers By Gina D.


Guiliana Cox
Gala Cloths


Susan McArdle
Just Ink On Paper

Wedding Cake

Tracey Alston
Cakes By Tracey

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens:
Sarah Campbell
Intrigue Designs


Susan Childs
Select Event Rentals


Karron Davis-Minor
Diamond Minor Design

Wedding Cake

Jordan Fewell

Indianapolis and Eventology

The earlier part of last week found me in the Circle City - Indianapolis, gearing up for an intense two days with fellow industry professionals at Eventology 10. This information-packed conference, hosted by the fabulous Katasha Butler of KSherrie +Company, was an excellent chance for wedding creatives to get together and immerse ourselves in the "science" of the wedding business.

I was honored to deliver the opening address with Ali Phillps of Engaging Events By Ali (Chicago). Instead of doing the same old routine of welcoming guests, we decided to take the "tag team" approach and utilize our unique skills to round up the troops and get things started in a big way! My "first impressions" exercise was designed to show people the "face" they're displaying to those they meet for the very first time. Enlightening? Yes. Hilarious? Even more so. Defining? Most definitely. Judging by the remarks and commentary I received - I think it was a great way to break the ice and give folks a chance to take another look in their proverbial "mirrors".

For the next two days, we had the pleasure of hearing from such luminaries in the business such as Harmony Walton, Saundra Hadley, Terrica Skaggs, Lara Casey, Nashara Mitchell and Sasha Souza. Each presenter brought their own brand of magic and reasoning to the table for all to share, peruse and ponder. I think we all have so much to review and implement in our respective businesses...I know that I do!

Many thanks to Katasha and her team for putting together such a polished event. I had a great time meeting everyone and getting to know some of the people behind the online profiles. If you are in the wedding industry, make sure to put Eventology on your 2011 calendar. It's just that good!

**photo credit: Jen Badalamenti

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"I DO Brunch" Recap - Our Vendor Partners

I've decided to break up the "I DO Brunch" into separate "recaps" - there was so much going on and so many amazing participants, one post simply will not do! So to start it off - allow me to introduce you to our Vendor Partners.....

The Brunch is a pure vehicle for professional enjoyment - as planners, we just don't get to enjoy the "fruits of our labor" because we are too busy managing the harvest!! So I wanted to create an event where my peers and colleagues could get all dressed up, be catered to, be spoiled, have a great meal, excellent conversation and not have to WORRY about the next thing on the timeline. I also know my audience...they're wedding and event planners, so their eyes and ears are quite critical - as they should be. I knew that in order to make this thing "work", it would have to be drop dead gorgeous, efficient and simply breathtaking.

Our Vendor Partners helped me fulfill this mission. From catering to music, lighting to place cards, signage to photography, florals to parking......these people and companies were an integral part of the "village tribe" whose amazing work brought the Brunch to life. They're creative, engaging, inquisitive and professional...this is what they do on a regular basis, so having the chance to "rock the runway" for a group of planners was right up their alley. And did they rock a word, YES!

I present to you the " I DO Brunch" 2010 Vendor Partners:

Venue & Catering:
The Gathering Place & Putting On The Ritz Caterers

Official Event Photography
Tunji Sarumi Fine Art Photography



The Greater Baltimore Youth String Quartet

Brunch Florals

Custom Seating Chart

Escort Cards

Brunch Signage

The "I DO Brunch" Original Cardbox & Hanging Letters

The "I DO Brunch" Spring Parasol

Guest Transportation Services

Valet Parking Services

Host Hotel

My deepest thanks go out to each and every one of these fine professionals - thank you for partnering with me on this event and for the wonderful services you provided to my honored guests!!


is an apt title for the past week and a half! Between the "I DO Brunch" and Eventology 10, to say that things have been waaaay interesting in Casa DIVA is an understatement!!

This year's "I DO Brunch" was a smashing success..judging from all of the positive feedback and commentary we've received from our attendees and vendor partners. For me, it was the culmination of a few months of meetings, planning, sweat, brainstorming and hard work. I am so grateful and thankful to have had the most amazing group of women on this planet, TeamDIVA - work with me closely on this project. Our collective energy and efforts pulled off a fabulous event for our peers and there are simply no words that can express my deep gratitude. The phrase "Thank You" is so common, but in this case, extremely heartfelt and true.

Within 24 hours after the start of the "I DO Brunch", I was on a plane, winging my way towards the Circle City - Indianapolis, for Eventology 10 - a professional conference for the wedding industry. Katasha Butler of K Sherrie + Company, was the incredible organizer and gracious hostess for this energetic, informative gathering. Planners and other industry professionals came from all over the country to spend two days learning, assimilating and sharing best practices and concepts. I was honored to bring the Welcome Address along with my colleague from Chicago, Ali Phillips of Engaging Events By Ali - and in our own unique styles, we "tag-teamed" the room and got the party started!!! I had a blast in Indy - it was so good to finally meet people "IRL" (in real life), that I'd only been communicating with online...nothing like putting a face to a name (or Twitter handle!).

Over the next few days, I plan to share some non-pro pics from each event along with my thoughts and insight. To be honest, I haven't had an adrenaline rush like this in a minute - and I've loved every second! Stay tuned for all of the lovely details!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing like a giveaway....

In honor of their 500th fan on Facebook, my wonderful colleague, Marni Gold at Creative Custom Cardboxes is sponsoring a fab contest - details are here.

Marni is the driving force behind this very unique product which combines pretty and practical into one great package! Finding a creative way to store your gift and money envelopes can be difficult, but Creative Custom Cardboxes has come up with a great way to accomplish that mission in style! We are honored that Marni designed our "I DO Brunch" box that will be in full use at this year's event to hold all of the entries for the amazing prizes we'll be giving away!!

So - if you need something to put those cards in, contact Marni so she can design something custom especially for your soiree'!!!

In 3.....2....1....

Due to an overwhelming response - registration for my annual "I DO BRUNCH" will close at 6 p.m. (eastern) today. Our original date was supposed to be April 10th - but planners from all over the United States have decided that the Brunch is THE place to be, so they've snatched up tickets left and right!!

It's all good - I created the Brunch to be a wonderful conduit of interaction, networking, beauty, life and fun for my colleagues..and that's exactly what will happen. I'm looking forward to meeting so many people, sharing experiences "from the trenches" and having the opportunity to get all dressed up with someplace to go!!!

If you haven't gotten your ticket - there are 6.5 hours left to do so. After 6 p.m. today - well, you know the drill!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

"I DO Brunch" Update

The response to this year's "I DO Brunch" has been positively overwhelming! I'm so excited for the peer-to-peer networking, the cameraderie, the amazing decor, the decadently delicious cuisine, the SWAG......everything is going to be simply fabulous!

Our guests are coming to celebrate our industry and the beginning of spring - by trains, planes and automobiles, over 100 wedding planning professionals will be gathering for what will be THE event of the year! We are honored to welcome our colleagues from not only the Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia metro areas but from California, Texas, The Carolinas, Georgia, Southern Virginia, Missouri, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut...and the list goes on.

So here's the deal {{{drum roll, please!}}} - As of 9 .am. this morning (March 12, 2010), we only have 38 SEATS left to attend the Brunch. That's it - and once they're gone, they're gone. If you haven't purchased your ticket - now would be a very good time to do so :)

A room block is available at our host hotel, the Sheraton Columbia Town Center AND for our our-of-town attendees who take advantage of the discounted accommodations, we're even providing round-trip luxury transportation service for you from the hotel to the Brunch venue.

Details and registration are available at our website. We're looking forward to seeing ALL of you next month!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aisle Style 2010

Getting married in Charm City? Here's your perfect chance to glide down the aisle in style! Join Baltimore Magazine for their annual "Aisle Style" event on Sunday, March 7th at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel.

If you're reading this blog post - lucky you! That makes you eligible for the DIVADiscount - go to the event website, purchase one ticket, get the ...second one free! Who says I don't know anything about the art of the "hookup"?? Enter code "linn" to receive this special promotional price!!!!

P.S. This amazing deal only applies to online orders....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Art Of Boudoir.....

I am a total fan of boudoir photography. Why? Because at it's heart and core, it's about the "femininity" of it all. Done well and directed by a skilled photographer, this intimate "peek" can be an amazing testimony to all things womanly. Many of my clients have done this as a gift for their fiance's and new husbands - much to their beloved's delight :) For the women, it's a chance to reveal their inner "pinup girl" and for the men...well, it's a chance to meet that "girl". The subject gets the purely pampered treatment, from fab hair and makeup to the perfect outfit which will showcase her beauty perfectly.

So..being the inquisive DIVA that I am, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I booked my very own boudoir shoot with Lisa Fleet of GlamorousDIVAS Photography. For a reasonable fee, I would receive professional makeup services, a hardcover photobook as well as my images on disk. The hardest part of the process? Finding the RIGHT outfits to wear!!! After some decisive shopping, I procured three different looks - innocent, sassy and slightly frisky.

The day of the shoot dawned sunny and bright - I was too excited! When I arrived at the location, I was welcomed by Lisa and her makeup artist, the hilariously talented Valerie Tilghman. While Valerie got my DIVAGlam look together, Lisa was setting the stage for what would be simply one of the most liberating experiences I've ever had. During the course of the shoot, I literally became 4 people - sweet Linnyette, the HeadDIVA in charge Linnyette, the "I'm not so innocent" Linnyette and lastly, the sultry Linnyette. I LOVED every second!

Once I received the images, I was floored. I could not believe that was me! In that instant, I understood why this mode of photography is so fascinating. It's a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! So, if you're looking for a very special gift to bestow upon that very special someone....consider the artistic medium of boudoir photography. AND...gentlemen, you can do the same for your special lady. Something tells me she'd like that very, very much!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I receive many, many inquiries about participation in my Internship Program that's offered each season. For me, it has been a way to give serious insight and introspect into my world so that prospective and new planners will thoroughly understand that the universe I inhabit isn't glamorous, but highly demanding and TOUGH!. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with, guide and mentor some fabulous folks who've gone on to hone their skills even more and for that alone, I'm truly grateful.

However, because of my schedule and committments that I have for 2010 - I am not going to offer the Internship Program for this season. This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one. Contrary to popular belief, I'm only one person and I don't have a "S" scrawled across my chest :)

For those of you who were interested in applying for the Program, I will still have other learning and networking opportunities available:

1) The annual "I DO Brunch" for planners:
No matter what your level of expertise is in the business, this event is a great way to meet other planners and share ideas, best practices, thoughts and comiserations in a beautiful environment, filled with great decor, amazing cuisine and lively entertainment.

2) The Power Course:
I've taught this weekend workshop for the past 10 year and have loved the sense of relevant information and empowerement it's brought to the hundreds of participants who've attended. It's being "revamped" a smidge for 2010 - so stay tuned for dates and locations!

3) Coaching/Consulting:
If you want something a little more "one on one" and a chance to sit down with me so we can delve deep into your goals, aspirations and business ideas, consider scheduling a Coaching Session. You'll get nothing but the truth from me during these sugarcoating or "pie in the sky" verbiage. I believe that excellent wedding planners have a completely different DNA..these sessions allow you to discover what yours is.

I want to thank all of you who've inquired about the Internship Program for 2010 - please consider attending one of the other events in order to further your wedding planning goals..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The "I DO Brunch" For Wedding Planners

I'm throwing a little "shindig" and if you're a wedding planner or coordinator, new to the game or're invited!

My annual "I DO Brunch" is being held on Saturday, April 17th at the Gathering Place in Clarksville, Maryland. This is my way of getting a bunch of planners together so that we can do things which NEVER happen when we're working - namely:

1) The opportunity to actually enjoy an event
2) The opportunity to have others wait on and take care of us
3) The opportunity to sit down and leisurely enjoy a meal
4) The opportunity to wear high heels for the duration of the event
5) The opportunity to meet and network with others who "get" what we do

We're so excited to have planners from not only the Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia region, but colleagues from California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (just to name a few) who are making the trip - what a fabulous way to learn more about what's going on in the industry from so many diverse points of view!

This year's affair is aptly titled "The English Garden" and with a culinary thematic of "When London Meets The Chesapeake", the "I DO Brunch" will surely make your tastebuds rejoice! Our gracious hosts, Putting On The Ritz Caterers and their Executive Chef have joined forces with us for a second year to provide an amazing bounty of delicious food and beverages including our signature libation - the "I DO Mimosa"!!

Early Bird Registration ends tomorrow - so now's the perfect time to purchase your subscription BEFORE the rate increases. For our out-of-town guests, we've arranged a room block at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center AND we're providing complimentary luxury transportation to and from the event venue. I admit - I LOVE spoiling my guests :)

Details are available on our website along with a lovely gallery from last year's event. We're looking forward to seeing you in April!!!!

True Love......

It's been exactly 2 months since I've blogged - for which I sheepishly ask for your apologies. There's been a TON going on over here at Premiere Event Management with me and TeamDIVA literally in a whirlwind of activity...details which we'll share with you over the next few weeks (yes - it's that MUCH!).

Today is Valentine's Day - and for many, that means a maddening rush to find the perfect card, grab a dozen roses, select the biggest box of chocolate, hit up the jewelry store for just enough BLING..oh, this list could go on and on for days.

I'm a romantic realist - so I keep things simple: Before you invest in all of the trappings that come with this "holiday", make sure you take care of the most priceless object..yourself. When you look in the mirror, say "I Love You" to the reflection that gazes back. You can't love anyone UNLESS you absolutely, without a doubt, are hopelessly in love with YOURSELF.

That's my story - and I'm sticking to it. :)

P.S. The symbol you see at the beginning means "Love" in Chinese. I think it's so cool that in 2010, the Chinese New Year starts on Valentine's Day......