Sunday, August 15, 2010

On The Road Again...........

(at the NACE Experience 2010 Gala in Austin with my dear friend & colleague, Vince Dreffs)

(Eventology '10 attendees working on my "FirstImpressions" exercise)

(Eventology 10' attendees literally had each other's "backs" during my session!)

(doing what I love to do.....)

(explaining my theories at Eventology '10)

(the amazing ballroom at the Palais Royale in South Bend - site of the Bella Bridal Event!)

(the lovely florals at the V.I.B. Brunch for the Bella Bridal Event)

(Gorgeous custom stationery made for me during my visit to South Bend!)

(Cookies & Milk - loved these noshes at the Bella pre-bridal show cocktail party!)

(Brides A La Mode - the sponsor of Bella Bridal Event!)

(View from my hotel in South Bend - I love looking at water!)

(Isis Petrie and Andria Lewis - 2 of my bestest planning colleagues!)

(The gang's all here! TSE 2010 peeps gathered for drinks in NoLA!)

(I can rock the feathers and beads too!!)

(Some of the participants in my E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. workshop at TSE 2010)

(If you are ever in New Orleans, Mulate's is a MUST - the food? OMG!)

(1st stop on my speaking tour for 2010 - The Special Event in New Orleans!)

I love the fact that my peers and colleagues in the industry WANT to hear my perspectives and outlooks on business. Make no mistake, I'm an entrepreneur - through and through. I readily admit to thinking differently and "out of the box"'s so important if you want to stay relevant, fresh and exciting!

Sharing what I've learned and what I know about the business of weddings and events has kept me in the air, on a train and in the car for a good portion of 2010! This is what my travel itinerary has looked like:
New Orleans
South Bend, Indiana
Austin, Texas

Coming up on deck:
St. Augustine, Florida
Riviera Maya, Mexico

I may be racking up those frequent flyer miles, but I'm also getting the opportunity to meet so many professionals and learn so many different outlooks about this field. Take a look at some of the amateur photos I've gathered over the year....can you tell I had a blast????


Glenn S. Ferguson @ Bahamas Destination Wedding said...

Love your blog name and the pics of you "doing what you love doing." It seem like you really enjoy and live out your name wedding diva.

Beth said...

Wow, it looks like it was a fabulous event! Cookies and Milk -- cute idea!