Monday, September 24, 2007

My Wish Is Coming True

Finally. I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis of the right knee when I was 33 years old. My orthopaedic specialist told me that eventually my knee would wear out and I'd have to get a new one. Fast forward 13 years and voila! I'm going to be the Bionic Woman come this time next month :)

This has been a painful journey - even though I am a young woman (yeah - being fortysomething is like being thirtysomething to me!), there are many days when I feel absolutely old and wasted away. For those of you who've watched me on "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? - you've seen how I dash around..but I was (and still am) in an excruciating amount of pain. But that's all about to change in approximately 29 days - so I am asking all of you for your prayers and good wishes as I lose this bum knee and get a brand new, shiny, titanium one!!

I will actually be out of the office on medical leave for the remainder of the year once my surgery is done...but I will do my best to check in with everyone, just to let you know how things turned out. A new and improved WeddingDIVA is about to watch out!!!!

Wedding Season Is Winding Down...

for me and the team here at Premiere Event Management. 2007 has been a wonderful year - full of beautiful brides, handsome grooms, gorgeous weddings and as always, the opportunity to help bring visions to life.

I always like to look over things as a season let's just call these my "Top Ten List Of Wedding Observations":

1) If you are attending a wedding as a guest - consider shipping a large gift (like a microwave or flat screen television) to the couple BEFORE the event. Honestly - I don't have anywhere to store something like that at the reception (or the church for that matter)!

2) If you get an invitation for a wedding celebration that will begin after 6 p.m. - consider wearing attire that is appropriate for an evening event. Polo shirts, jeans and pedal pushers aren't really the answer........

3) If the officiant, wedding coordinator or the program tells you that all personal communication devices (i.e., cell phones/blackberrys/sidekicks - whatever your current electronic gadget or gizmo of the moment is) need to be turned off or placed on vibrate...please honor that request. There's nothing like the minister asking if "anyone objects to this marriage" and "I'm In Love With A Stripper" ringtone is the blaringly loud response...

4) For brides and grooms - KNOW your guests! While having a 5 course meal complete with wine at each level AND Intermezzo in between may register high on your list of "must haves" for the wedding - please know that this could be a complete waste (read $$$) if your attendees can't understand or appreciate it.

5) I need someone to explain to me the utter fascination with having 20+ people in a wedding party. Please?? And when I explain to you that having 32 bridesmaids will indeed, without doubt , TANK your wedding budget of $20,0000..please understand that I am not being mean, cruel or harsh. I am being the voice of reason...which is why you come to someone like me.

6) $20,000 is not the national average for a wedding - $28K is. HOWEVER - you can have a great, beautiful event with that $20K or even less. Trust me on this one. The key? Understanding your priorities versus the wants and needs. Spend your dollars where they matter the most.

7) Just because I said a wedding is doable for $20K - please don't quote me out of context. 200+ guests or more than 5 people in your wedding party is going to make short work out of that money....

8) If you are having a professional photographer capture the images on your special day - consider it a worthwhile investment to have a professional makeup artist (not your friend who likes to "play" with lipstick) provide flawless looks for everyone in the party. You'll thank me for this one when you see your wedding images and all of your attendants look Vogue-fabulous!

9) Think about cutting back on the amount of cake you order. Yes - I know they are pretty, but I see so much of it getting wasted simply because people don't eat it. Having 150 guests? Order enough cake for 120........

10) Relax and release. I can't say this ENOUGH! This is your day - your time to love and get love from those around you. Don't sweat stuff that you can't change, don't deal with crazy folks who just simply NEED drama in their lives and most of all - don't lose sight of the person standing next to you at the altar. That person is who you'll be spending the rest of your life with - so focus on them and how happy you are on this day..