Thursday, April 29, 2010

Double Sweetness...

Recently, I was sent some samples of the most decadently delicious chocolate I've ever had. The Madelaine Chocolate Company reached out for my opinion and thoughts on their product, so here we go :)

The company has premiered a new line called "Duets" - wonderful rich chocolate, melded with another flavor to create a sumptuously creamy concoction. These "minis" are perfect as favors for weddings or parties....or just to treat yourself to something sweet.

With four pairings to choose from, Peanut Butter Caramel, Milk Truffle/White Truffle, Raspberry Peanut Butter and my fave - Raspberry White Truffle (pictured above), there's definitely something for everyone. After sampling these lovely little noshes (and I did share them with my staff!), we decided that the Duets had to be a part of this year's "I DO Brunch" LUXETotes. Each of our attendees received a dainty organza bag, filled with one of each flavor. Judging by the response we've received thus far...I'll say they were a huge HIT!

So if a bunch of wedding planners went ga-ga over these chocolate goodies, what do you think your guests would do??

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Jenn said...

Chocolates at at brunch or a wedding .. even just before bed.. too yummy for words!