Monday, February 15, 2010


I receive many, many inquiries about participation in my Internship Program that's offered each season. For me, it has been a way to give serious insight and introspect into my world so that prospective and new planners will thoroughly understand that the universe I inhabit isn't glamorous, but highly demanding and TOUGH!. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with, guide and mentor some fabulous folks who've gone on to hone their skills even more and for that alone, I'm truly grateful.

However, because of my schedule and committments that I have for 2010 - I am not going to offer the Internship Program for this season. This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one. Contrary to popular belief, I'm only one person and I don't have a "S" scrawled across my chest :)

For those of you who were interested in applying for the Program, I will still have other learning and networking opportunities available:

1) The annual "I DO Brunch" for planners:
No matter what your level of expertise is in the business, this event is a great way to meet other planners and share ideas, best practices, thoughts and comiserations in a beautiful environment, filled with great decor, amazing cuisine and lively entertainment.

2) The Power Course:
I've taught this weekend workshop for the past 10 year and have loved the sense of relevant information and empowerement it's brought to the hundreds of participants who've attended. It's being "revamped" a smidge for 2010 - so stay tuned for dates and locations!

3) Coaching/Consulting:
If you want something a little more "one on one" and a chance to sit down with me so we can delve deep into your goals, aspirations and business ideas, consider scheduling a Coaching Session. You'll get nothing but the truth from me during these sugarcoating or "pie in the sky" verbiage. I believe that excellent wedding planners have a completely different DNA..these sessions allow you to discover what yours is.

I want to thank all of you who've inquired about the Internship Program for 2010 - please consider attending one of the other events in order to further your wedding planning goals..

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{Ms. P} said...

You KNOW I'm in my feelings, right?

BUT, because you are who you are, I totally understand...

See you at 'I DO'!