Sunday, February 14, 2010

True Love......

It's been exactly 2 months since I've blogged - for which I sheepishly ask for your apologies. There's been a TON going on over here at Premiere Event Management with me and TeamDIVA literally in a whirlwind of activity...details which we'll share with you over the next few weeks (yes - it's that MUCH!).

Today is Valentine's Day - and for many, that means a maddening rush to find the perfect card, grab a dozen roses, select the biggest box of chocolate, hit up the jewelry store for just enough BLING..oh, this list could go on and on for days.

I'm a romantic realist - so I keep things simple: Before you invest in all of the trappings that come with this "holiday", make sure you take care of the most priceless object..yourself. When you look in the mirror, say "I Love You" to the reflection that gazes back. You can't love anyone UNLESS you absolutely, without a doubt, are hopelessly in love with YOURSELF.

That's my story - and I'm sticking to it. :)

P.S. The symbol you see at the beginning means "Love" in Chinese. I think it's so cool that in 2010, the Chinese New Year starts on Valentine's Day......

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