Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Been A Long Time.......

since I last posted to "Confessions" - 4 months to be exact! So much has happened and things have literally been a whirlwind around the offices of TeamDIVA!!!

Today marks the Winter Solstice (6:38 p.m. to be exact) and with it, comes the SHORTEST day of the year. After today, we'll watch our nights grows shorter, our days grow longer..which can only mean one thing: Springtime will be right around the corner!!

I'm a winter baby - born on Christmas Day in the middle of a snowstorm, so the cold, icy weather is perfectly fine with me. Winter also gives me a chance to be introspective as well as retrospective, so I'll take the next few days to reflect back on the year 2010.

We had some amazing weddings and celebrations on board this year - from a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in January to start our production season off, to the delicious finale of a peacock-inspired nuptial shinding to close the year out....me and TeamDIVA truly perfected the art of the "hustle" as we moved from event to event, making sure everything was on point and that our clients and their guests were taken care of in a fabulous way!

I also had the opportunity to teach and lecture this year in a variety of locales - from New Orleans to Las Vegas, Trinidad to Mexico (and a few other cities in between!), I racked up some serious frequent flier miles and had the chance to mentor and teach others about the industry I love so well.

Stay tuned for all of the wonderful updates!!!!

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Danielle [A Special Occasion, LLC] said...

Welome back! You have been missed :o)