Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Year In Review - Part Deux

I love all things beautiful - which is why I love designing wonderful "weddingscapes" for my clients and their guests. Here are few glimpses into what came out of my head for the 2007 season.......wait until you see what I have on tap for 2008!!!

Photo credits:
Genevieve Leiper Photography
Michael Clark Photographics
Natarsha Wright & Izabella Lopez

Venue Locations (top to bottom)
Grey Rock Mansion
Mt. Airy Mansion
Raffles Resort - Canouan Island, The Grenadines


karrin Drake, Norfolk VA said...

Happy New Year Diva,
With so many of my friends marrying next year, I often wonder when is He going to come for me. However I know that He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing. I am holding to that. So Diva, your year looked great and I know that you most likely, like the rest of us, had some trying times. As 2007 rolled in, my friend closed her eyes, and went home to be with God, now as I am watching this year go out, I have another friend, who just closed her eyes. So Keep my family in Prayer, and I have a couple of newly engaged friends, to bring to the Soiree in March. See you then. Again Happy New Year, may you and your family be blessed.

t said...

Hi Diva,
I'm Patrice in Atlanta. I watch you on Style all the time & i love your work. I'm looking into a career change myself to become a wedding planner. Do you have any connections in Atlanta you can referr me to?
Please advise,

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

Hi Patrice:
One of the best things you could do is consider attending The Special Event Show in Atlanta next month at the Georgia World Congress Center. The website is

I highly recommend it - great networking, excellent classes/workshops (I'm teaching one on Friday about making money as a wedding planner), fantastic events, decor and vendors. I believe you can still register - so if you can make, by all means do so!!!

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

I'm sorry to hear of your losses - I will definitely keep you in my prayers! 2008 WILL be a better go ahead and CLAIM IT!!!!