Saturday, December 15, 2007

Custom Drink Development I'm always on the proverbial "hunt" for something new and sexy to add to my lineup of things....and thanks to my trusty assistant, Robilyn Heath - I found it.

Enter This company, founded by master mixologist LaTanya White, will create a drink - just for you. Now this isn't a throw-some-booze-in-a-shaker-and-see-what-happens kinda deal. Au contraire, my friends - what LaTanya does is SERIOUS STUFF. She interviews you, the customer - to see what your drink persona and tastes are, comes up with an initial recipe, forwards it to you for your tasting and approval - along with submitting your delightfully original concoction for registration with the national drink database,

I am fortunate to have LaTanya as one of my vendors at my annual wedding party -Soiree' 2008, so for those of you who are attending, make sure to stop by and check this out. BUT - in the meantime, take my word and visit her site for more details on what this genius does...

P.S. She's coming up with a special drink for the Soiree - I can't wait to taste it!!!!!


Karrin Drake, Norfolk VA said...

When is the Soiree? I am super excited and I got a few friends wanting to come. I can't wait.

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

Hi Karrin:
The Soiree' is scheduled to be held March 9, 2008. I am in the process of ironing out those last little "details" so that everything will be FABULOUS!

I expect tickets to go on sale during the 1st week in stay tuned for more details!!!

Tanya- 71 Proof said...

Hi Linnyette!!

Thank you for your support- you are too kind! I was actually toying around with a few ideas for the Big Day when Robilyn told me about your post :)...I'm sooo excited. And I can't wait for the taste testing (now that's the fun part!)

March will be here in a jiffy and I can't wait to be there! See you all soon..Cheers!


Karrin Drake, Norfolk VA said...

HI Diva,
Will do. I can't wait. I will be looking out.

Jill Higgins Photography said... cool! What a fun idea.