Monday, June 4, 2007

Roller Coaster Weekend

Is probably the best way to describe the past couple of days. My son graduated from high school on Saturday, I did some design work for a very large charity gala that same night and to cap it off, we had a graduation party for my son on yesterday afternoon. I think that maybe I had a total of 8 hours of sleep over a period of 2 days. And I'm exhausted right about now :)
I made it my business to take today (Monday) off....I've got 2 weddings coming up on Saturday and I'm going to need that energy!

Sidebar - the graduation was one of the most memorable moments in my life. I was so proud of him and I cried. Not a whole bunch, not uncontrollable sobs - but tears that just flowed down my face. It started on Thursday afternoon when he brought his cap and gown home - I hung it up on the door in my office for some reason, and looking at it made me realize that his time was finally here. I was good on Friday - but when I woke up on Saturday, that was it! As he walked down the stairs in our home, dressed so neatly and handsome - my mind flew back 18 years as I brought him home from the hospital, with so many wishes and dreams for his young life.

I was sitting on the aisle at the commencement and I got to see him as he processed down to his seat. He saw me with the camera and stopped for a moment so I could take his picture - and he had the BIGGEST grin on his face! When he came off the stage from getting his diploma, he came back to his seat and turned around looking for me - luckily, I was sitting 4 rows behind him. When his eyes met mine, he held up the diploma and smiled again - and I took another picture. I watched with pride when the principal asked the class to stand and switch their tassels to the opposite side - and when she made the statement, "Ladies & gentlemen, may I present to you the graduated class of 2007", I lost it - for a minute and sobbed big, heaving tears. What a day that was for me - and for him.

I'll post pictures as they become available.....

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Suzanne Marzano said...

As a mom I know just how you felt seeing your son graduate. I cried when I realized that this was the start of his life. I always say that I gave my son roots and wings. Now he has a family of his own and my heart bursts with pride when I see him with his boys and he tells me that he will give them roots and wings. Even though it will probably be a while, I wish the same pride when you look at your son and his children.