Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Because I LOVE It!!

That's why I do - what I do! I left a really, really good corporate gig over 10 years ago to pursue my dream...intrinsically, I knew that was the move I had to make in order to fulfill my own personal destiny. You should have heard some of the comments folks (who in their own minds - meant well!) made to me about doing that!! But I knew in my heart and soul that I was being led down this road - so I struck out on faith and marched on.

You know what? That was one of the smartest moves I've ever made in my life! It's kinda hard to explain to people the extreme joy and passion that I have for my calling - I think it's best exemplified in my work and how folks react to it. I have always said - and will continue to say, in order to be good in this business - you gotta have much LOVE for it. You have to want to continue in the imaginative quest, to immerse yourself so deeply in all the sectors that relate to the field, to feel the incredible rush when an event comes off so well...I liken that "rush" to a surge of adrenaline - when it hits me, I'm all guns blazin'!!!! As one of my assistants puts it - we get into the "zone", where all we know and all we do is focused on making stuff happen.

But at the end of the proverbial "day" - I love being able to help brides and grooms realize their love for each other in a very public way. Seeing the looks on their faces as they say "I Do", that first kiss, the looks that they give each other all a major, major thing for me. I'll give you the analogy I like most...I'm like a midwife - there with you during labor (the actual planning process), right in the room at delivery (when you take those vows) and once the "birth" of your marriage has occurred - I'm there with you to celebrate the "glow" and joy of this new chapter in your life...pretty powerful, don't you think???

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