Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fashionable Tips For Wedding Guests

As I am neck deep in wedding season - I've noticed a few interesting fashion "occurences" that I'd like to comment on. Mind you, while these "observations" are clearly my would be prudent to note that most fashion experts pretty much feel the same way....

1) Be mindful of the "dress code" for a wedding:
If the event is being held at 12 noon - ditch the sequinned dresses and tuxedos. Such attire is appropriate for a formal, evening bash. I don't care what the tux rental shop guy tells you - white tie and tails are for after 6 p.m.!!!! Ditto for moms - that beautiful, flowing chiffon creation you've got your eye on? Great for dancing the "night" away, not sipping on mimosas at 11 a.m.

2) Know Where You Are Going:
Wedding in a house of worship? Dress appropriately. Ladies - while strapless, halter or skin revealing dresses may be pretty, you might want to consider taking a light shawl or coverup to wear in the church or temple. Once you've left the ceremony - whip it off and get your party on!

Gentlemen - you are not off the hook, either. Unless otherwise specified within the invitation that it's a casual event - leave the t-shirts, jeans, leisure outfits and sneakers home in the closet. Why not pull out that nice, dark suit and crisp shirt, along with the cufflinks and well polished shoes? This is one of those times where being a sharp dressed man is a very good thing.

3) Sunglasses:
Belong on OUTDOORS. If the wedding is being held in a garden during the afternoon - by all means, sport the shades and don't forget the sunscreen! But if you are inside - take the specs off. The only celebrities at this party are the bride and groom....

4) Communication accessories:
This means cell phones and other assorted electronic sundries. On 99% of programs I create for my clients, there's this little sentence: "Please mute or turn off all personal communication devices". Nothing like listening to the bride and groom recite their vows only to hear "Party Like A Rock Star" (or some other ringtone) blazing out...but what's worse? The recipient answering with "I'm in a wedding - hold on".

5) The wearing of white:
Is for the bride ONLY. Unless she and her groom have decided to do a "snowball" or "white-out" affair where everyone wears this color....the rest of you need to check your outfits before leaving home. Let's face it - she's been planning this for a minute, and in that respect - honor her role as the bride.....the only woman in the place wearing white. Trust me - you won't be able to miss her, she'll be the one with the dazzling smile on her face :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!!! I have been to a lot of weddings and I couldn't tell if people were going to the club or a wedding!!