Monday, June 4, 2007

Associated Black Charities

I was asked to help out this wonderful group during their annual fundraising gala. A guest at a wedding I planned 3 years ago recommended me to them - and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been of assistance. being the resourceful chica that I am - I came up with the idea or concept of "Sponsor's Row". There are a few, select companies and corporations who graciously donate significant dollars to this group's cause - so I thought it would be a good idea to honor them with special seating. Good idea is not the word - as it turns out, it was a FABULOUS idea!!

The sponsor's loved it - the other attendees loved it and it was the talk of the evening! Everyone wanted to know how they could sit at one of those "pretty tables" and the answer was quite simple - give $$$$!!! I think that I've started something for this group - and I'm thinking that they'll repeat it at next year's gala. It was truly beautiful and I had a blast dreaming it up and executing it to perfection. Many thanks go to the following folks for helping me bring the dream to life:

Linens & Specialty Rentals
Select Event Rentals

Floral Design
Richardson's Flowers & Gifts

Custom Table Signage & Calligraphy
Karron Minor
Diamond Minor Designs

And, I've got to give some big "shout outs" to my team of dedicated interns who tirelessly worked with me on that event to make things happen - ladies, you know I love you!! Many thanks to Denise McCormick, Hazel Woodson, De'Pree Hugh, Bridgette Crawford, Sheris Hunt and Tia Paul for being on point and fabulous!
P.S. Double shout-out to Bridgette for the photos in this post!

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