Sunday, February 11, 2007

Face To Face

One of the first steps towards working with me (or any other professional wedding planner for that matter) is the "initial consultation". Long story short - this is the first time we meet, bride and groom-to-be along with yours truly so that we can begin the process of mapping out this special day.

I cannot impart to you how important this time is - for me, it's the first glimpse into your wedding world - as you know it. For you, it's the time for you to "check" me out..see what I'm like, what my philosophies are, but more importantly - find out whether or not we will be a good "fit". That notion of "fit" is a big one for me - 'cause to be perfectly honest, VIBE is one of the things I work on and with. If we gel and flow and move well together - chances are our wedding planning relationship will go just fine. On the other hand - if there are some "pings", that's usually an indicator to me (along with a few other tidbits), that we may not be suited for each other.

Each and every wedding planner is different - we have different theories, different styles, different ways of managing an event, so what works for one - is not going to float with another. And you - as a prospective client, need to be aware of that - your wedding planner is the ONE person who will know as much as you do , if not more about this big day. Trusting them implicitly is so important - you gotta be able to let go and let them do what they do best. Sitting down and taking the time to begin the initial discovery process is vital to the health of your wedding. For some consultants (me included) - you will be charged a fee for the meeting. That money represents their time and effort to be with you, bring forth ideas, opinions and to start the process of pulling together an extra-memorable occasion for you and those you love. Not every planner assesses a cost for the first meeting - but just because one does, it shouldn't preclude them from your consideration.

When you come to the meeting - be prepared. It's okay not to have a "slewbang" (that's my assistant Robilyn's favorite word for "a lot") of pictures, menus, etc. - but come ready to talk about your wedding! I'll want to know your inner thoughts and your fiance (e)'s too - it's this "fleshing out", that really leads to the core beliefs and ideas that will make your wedding unique and like any other. Many of my clients compare their first meeting with me to psychotherapy - they feel as if they've "pulled" so much out and that the process has been one of discovery. I find that to be true also - many couples come in thinking (to themselves) one thing, but during the course of our meeting - find out that their beloved is on a totally different track!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting with a lovely couple on yesterday (Saturday). Loni and Charles are so sweet and so into each other - which is something I like to see :) They came along with his mom (who was a pleasure also!) to talk about their 2008 wedding and how I could help them. During the course of the meeting - they had their own "discovery", and as such - it's giving them a better perspective on how to navigate this process. And that's a good thing - I make it a point to ensure that all of my clients are extremely clear - in the beginning, about the makings of a great wedding and all that's needed to make it a reality.......

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