Monday, February 5, 2007

Confession Is Good For The Soul.....

Is how the saying goes. Many of my colleagues in the wonderful world of weddings and special events have incredible blogs, and me being the "voyeur" that I am..I've visited all of them! It's really good to see and experience the worlds of others through their words and pictures. So, when the opportunity presented itself for yours truly to enter the "blogging universe" - I jumped at it!!

In these missives, I hope to share with anyone who'll read - what my profession is all about. I think that many folks have a misguided view of what a wedding planner does - it is SO NOT like the movies or television (even though I'm on a television show - I keep it real!!). My job is all encompassing, requiring much due diligence, careful thought, crazy ramblings (yes - I do talk to myself and on many occasions, I answer back!), innovative ideas, the patience of a saint, the skin of an alligator - but always, the soul of an artist.

I really think I have one of the best jobs on earth - it's very much like being a midwife, I get to be present at the "birth" of a new relationship, a new place in a couple's life. And I get to hear the first cries, see the first smile, the first kiss....all of the things that go into making a wedding celebration one of the best times in life.....what could be better????

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