Friday, January 2, 2009

Internship Applications Now Available

(some members of the 2008 Internship Rotation)

Premiere Event Management is now accepting applications for our 2009 Internship Program. Additional details about this unique opportunity can be found on our website - the deadline for application submissions is February 1st.

Interns within the program have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the business of managing weddings and other specialized events. From initial consultations through the final moments of a wedding reception - our interns participate fully in the planning process. Successful applicants have the ability to multi-task, assimilate ideas and concepts quickly, are true "team players" and are willing to put in the hours and work necessary to learn about this business. We are looking for serious applicants - those persons who truly wish to gain more comprehensive, "hands-on" knowledge about professional wedding and event planning. While prior experience is not a requirement for selection into the program, we look for individuals who have the motivation and desire to plan magnificent events.

For me - the bottom line is simple: I want people who are willing to work and learn. This is not a paying gig - but the potential for what you can gather and understand about this profession is huge. I am a taskmaster and a stickler for detail - I expect everyone who works with me is of the same mind. We are not slackers - we work HARD and we are dedicated to the craft of planning and managing absolutely amazing weddings for our clients. When you see Team DIVA on the job - trust and believe that we have come to take care of our business...

I also value loyalty and honesty - so if you think hooking up with my company is going to get you the wedding planning world handed to you on a silver platter - think again. In plain English - lazy, umotivated, non-ambitious, trifling, rude, dispassionate people need not apply - and that's the unvarnished truth. I didn't say it would be pretty, but I'm brutally honest about who and what I want in my business sphere.

I absolutely love what I do and I love my profession. I offer this program because I am totally committed to building and creating a better breed of wedding planner. My associates, assistants and interns who are currently on my team and those in past rotations will be the first to tell you that I hold fast to that mantra.

So - if you are interested, I encourage you to apply. For the right person - it can be an experience unlike any other......

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