Friday, January 9, 2009


No secret - I am a big time fan of the Baltimore Ravens. And my boys are in the playoffs - we had the "fish fry" in Miami last weekend where we "cooked" and served up the Dolphins on a we are headed to Nashville to "BBQ" the Tennessee Titans :)

My friend and fellow wedding planning colleague, Kathy Strukel of Indiana-based The Perfect Solution, gave my hometown team the proverbial "shout out" on her blog today by posting the cutest garters, festooned with the colors and emblems of my Ravens. Made by the Garter Lady - these are a great way to bring your love of sports (for the many, many brides out there who are into football just like their men!) into your wedding celebration....


P.S. For those of you not familiar with the term "Festivus" - it's code for the word "playoffs". Former head coach Brian Billick would not let the team get caught up in the whole playoff/SuperBowl hype, so he forbid the use of the word "playoff". So the team came up with "Festivus" instead..with "Festivus Maximus" as the word for the Super Bowl..

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Flowersbyfarha said...

Thank you so much for explaining this! Not into football so was totally clueless when people starting twittering Festivus wishes and whatnot.