Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Got "Grilled"

(photo credit - Dave Colwell for Baltimore Magazine)

The Baltimore Grill, that is :) I was contacted recently by senior editor, Max Weiss, at Baltimore Magazine to give a lighthearted view into my life as a wedding planner. This monthly Q&A feature offers readers a different look at local celebrities, movers & shakers and all around cool people - with a touch of humor, sass and fun!!

To see the questions and read my answers...take a look here .


Nicole said...

I loved your article, congrats!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...


a MILLION Congrats on an article well done !!!!

As usually, through wit and common sense, you continue to teach {not only couples, but colleagues as well}.

Read my POST featuring this article about you (written on 31 May 2008)... I hope that I did you well.

As I said in the POST... 'KUDOS' !!!

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

Thanks everyone - I think it turned out pretty darn good!

P.S. And YES - I meant what I said about eloping to will save me so much turmoil, stress and drama!!!!!