Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Damage Control

Is something that us pros have to do - a lot. And generally, it's not because of something we did - rather, it's about cleaning up the train wrecks of others. When I say "others", I'm referencing folks who call themselves "wedding planners".

Yes - I know I've talked about this before....but it keeps rearing it's ugly head. I am all for the wonderful, glorious facets of Americana called capitalism and entrepreneurship, however at some level, we need to keep it real.

This post from my good friend and fellow PROFESSIONAL wedding planning colleague, Isis Petrie of POSH Events, LLC in New Jersey, pretty much hits the nail on the head. And for anyone (i.e. "planners"/"coordinators"/take your pick) out there who may fit into this category - READ CAREFULLY. You have to understand that a wedding, for the most part, is a one-shot deal. No do-overs, no is what it is. And with that being the case, couples CANNOT get that day back. To couples out there who are scouting for a planner - you read this too. Don't expect a LOT for LESS......bottom line.

Sheesh..when will people learn?????


Isis said...

Thank you so much for posting Linnyette! I'm really hoping that as professionals, we can form a united front and due away with some of the wanna-be's before any more couples suffer in pain. I think it's a shame...especially with so many resources for education and training to become more experienced in this industry. It's about standards...and about time we raise some!

Moni said...

I have learned. I took a wedding planning course here in NYC (Fashion Institute of Technology) and I have to tell you, after it was over, I realized that I did not have the patience for temperamental brides (I think the TV show "Bridezillas" has made women think that it's cute to behave like monsters.

I also realized that it takes a lot of energy, and willingness to go with what the couple wants, even if you think that it's tacky.

Glad I found out and was willing to admit that it was not for me.

But I love WWIA and I love to see your work!

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

You are welcome - let's hope that people truly understand what you are saying!!!

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

I am glad that you took a class and learned EARLY that this wasn't for you. So many people will not even invest in a class, a course, an internship - anything to give them some salient knowledge of the industry and the fact that it's a BUSINESS.

And thanks for the WWIIA? love - I appreciate it and hope you'll watch my new episodes this fall!!!!