Sunday, June 1, 2008

Adrian & Keana

(the new Mr. & Mrs)

(my version of a "head table")

(GOBO's are a great way to add a bit of personal style)

(the cake - complete with a few gilded butterflies)

(guest table with the higher centerpiece)

(guest table with lower centerpieces)

(the fireplace - after)

(the fireplace - before)

I know this is a bit late - but I wanted to share some pics from a lovely wedding we had the pleasure of planning for Keana & Adrian Epps. It was actually the groom who contacted me and who was an integral part of the planning. As the bride put it - he was the one that loved all of the design, menu planning and overall "look" of the event...she was a bit more laid back, and as long as we had butterflies present in the design..she was cool :)

Their May 3rd ceremony was held at Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church in Silver Spring, where they are both active members and participants in the youth ministry. The groom is actually a professional musician, so he gathered his fellow compatriots and they really wove beautiful songs throughout the ceremony. Following a receiving reception at the church, we were off to the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center on the University of Maryland, College Park campus for an evening of dinner, dancing and a lot of fun!

I always say that I have a few "signature" touches when it comes to decor....for me, it's a communal "head table" where the wedding party can sit back and enjoy their dinner - and not be on "display" for everyone to see. I kinda think folks will know who they are :) My other "touch"? Candles - lots of em' far as the eye can see! It's a great way to make a room beautiful, romantic, sexy and warm...without breaking the bank!

I'm also into the lean, linear look....and that means using square tables to seat guests instead of rounds. They are cleaner looking, table linens drape beautifully from them AND they will seat up to 8 guests - just like a traditional 60" round. Judging from the response I've received from my clients, their guests and caterers - it's a keeper!!!

These photos are from my camera - and as you can tell I'm not a professional :) I thought I'd show you a little "before" and "after" - hope you enjoy them !!!!!!

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