Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the holiday season for many of us. And just because I'm a wedding/event planner - that doesn't leave me out of the fray when it comes to pulling together a simply marvelous celebration for my family and friends!! My crew expects for me to create the "divine" dinner - replete with linen, china, crystal and of course, amazing food! I guess it doesn't hurt in the fact that I LOVE TO ENTERTAIN, so coming up with the best Turkey Day dinner is always up my alley :)

This year will be a tad different, however. My beloved grandmother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma earlier this fall and as such is going through extensive therapy and rehabilatation at a local facility. So....we are taking Thanksgiving to her! She is the anchor and core of our family..and this is the first holiday that we can't all gather at my house to celebrate.
The facility she's at is beautiful AND they have a lovely formal dining room which patients can "reserve" for private functions. The moment I saw it on our tour - I knew I had to have it!

Since this will be a portable feast - I am diligently working on my portion of the menu, trying to make it movable, delicious and fit for the folks who'll be partaking of it. So..on my list is:

Maple Roasted Turkey
Redskin Mashed Potatoes garnished with herbs and creamy (real) butter
Sourdough Stuffing infused with sage sausage and walnuts
Homemade Gravy (made with turkey drippings and cracked peppercorns)
Gourmet Cornbread Circles (my award winning recipe)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Refreshing Cranberry Iced Tea

My sister (who lives in North Carolina) will be providing the other half of the meal. Now that I am in the recouparative stage, it's interesting for me to get around in the kitchen and manage the culinary aspect of things. But hey, I am definitely a trooper - and Thanksgiving dinner is one of the things I so enjoy doing!

Even though we are taking the dinner to my grandmom - I'm still infusing that DIVA style into the room. I've got great linens on tap (from my private stash), some really cool centerpieces and functional servingware that will help me dish out the goodies! This year's color palette will be a warm cinnamon and gold - perfect for the fall leaf palette we've got going on in the Baltimore area.

I always love to hear what other's are doing for Thanksgiving - so please share! Whether it's a great menu, a family tradition....tell me what you've got going on!!! I'll look forward to some great reading - and I'm sure my blog visitors will appreciate your contributions too :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


Karrin Drake, Norfolk VA said...


As for my family and I. I will be traveling to MD as usual. Which is going to be great. Since I am all finished with school. Thanksgiving is mainly on me.

So I plan on cooking somewhat of a no traditional food. My grandma wants to handle some of the traditional.

Musaka (greek Lasagna)
Beef Fried rice
Turkey Satay with Cranberry mango sauce
CousCous stuffed eggplant with coconut curry sauce(for the vegetarians of the family)

my famous sage sausage dressing
corn rice stuffing
fried chicken
Mac and cheese
pig feet
sauerkraut w/ pigtails
homemade rolls
sweet potato biscuits

Apple sweet potatoe pie
Chocolate cream cheese chocolate chip cake
Apple cake
Chocolate cream pie
sweet potatoe cheesecake

With this menu ahead of me. I have started cooking the things that will freeze beautifully. All my desserts will be done on Tuesday and the rest I will try to knock out on Wednesday. I wont have to cook on Thursday, except maybe one or two things.

To all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Diva, dont forget that you are still re-cooperating and ask for as much help as you need. Enjoy your family.

century21 said...

This year I will be staying home. Since my parents and grandparents have passed, I have been at my aunts house every year. However, this year, I want to give thanks to God for giving me the courage to leave my job, go back to school, being healthy and enjoying the roof over my head (which I redecorated this year). So it will be an unconventional Thanksgiving meal of Oxtails, Collard Greens and Macaroni and Cheese. Sometimes solitude can be the best thing...

It's been a great year. :)

crlsweetie912 said...

I am an avid watcher of Whose Wedding is it Anyway and I have seen you many times on the show. Please have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

As the one who has cooked (and planned) most Thanksgiving feasts at my home since the age of 12 or 13, I keep it pretty traditional

Citrus brined turkey
green beans with potatoes and smoked turkey
home made garlic mashed potatoes
candied sweet potatoes
collard greens
my special baked mac and cheese
honey glazed ham

homemade pound cake
chocolate chip cookies
sweet potato pies
yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

I probably missed a few things.