Thursday, November 15, 2007

So - do you wanna be on television???

I have so many people contact me about possibly having their special wedding events filmed for Style Network's hit reality series "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" - it appears that there are many of you who would love to have the unique opportunity of seeing your "I Do's" on the tube!

Well - your golden chance may be right around the corner. The network will be starting filming for the 7th season of the show - and are looking for amazing couples, willing to share their nuptials with the rest of the world!! Weddings occuring between November 2007 and the end of February 2008 are ripe for the picking, so if you're interested - let me know!

DIVA's Disclaimer: There are no financial renumerations for appearing on the show. And while I love to have my clients showcased on the series, I have no decision making authority when it comes to who makes the cut - and who doesn't......

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