Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedding Vendor Website Survey

My colleague and friend, Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning is conducting a great survey...take a look below!

I promise, this will only take a minute of your time! If you wouldn’t mind, please click on the link below and answer 9 quick, easy questions about different design aspects of wedding vendor’s websites.

Wedding Vendor Website Survey

We won’t record anything about you other than what state or country you are from - we don’t even ask for your email address so no spam or anything like that. You will likely see this link on lots of other blogs and sites - this survey is being shared all over the blog-o-sphere so please take the survey only once.

If you have additional comments on the subject, please feel free to email me with those and I will share them with the other wedding vendors who are participating! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! (If you are a wedding vendor and would like to participate, just copy this post to your blog and email the link to mailto:emilie@emilieduncan.com - I will send you the results once we have closed the survey in March)

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