Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Carpet Glamour

This gorgeous gown, worn by actress Angela Bassett at the recent 59th annual Berlin Film Festival is a stunning example of how to bring red carpet "wow" to your wedding. From the sumptuous fabric to the sublimely sexy one-shouldered neckline, an outfit like this would be wonderfully flattering for a second trip down the aisle!

Complete your look with a sleek chignon, some dazzling sparkle in your ears and around the veil needed!! The bride who takes on this vision will be one who is secure in her fashion "glory" - she's also the image you'll find in the dictionary if you look up the words "sophisticated" and "chic"!!!

**Special thanks to Eliana at By Your Side Events for turning me on to this photo!**

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Paloma said...

such a stunning woman Angela!