Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Best Investment

is what my client called me today! During the finishing moments of our cake tasting at SugarBakers, while the invoice was being tallied..the bride said that indeed, she was glad that she had invested her dollars in hiring me. I have to tell you - that was such a good thing to hear!!!

And I appreciate how she worded the phrase "a good investment of her dollars" - simply because that is what a great wedding planner is to their clients. I know that there are many, many people out there who think that we are some sort of "luxury" and that only couples with expansive budgets can afford to hire us, but nothing could be further from the truth! A wedding planning professional is your ticket to the efficient, seamless, enjoyable nuptial experience - we are your ally, advocate and guide through what can be and often is a MAZE of terminology, contracts,negotiations and mediation. We are the tool that can help you sit back and savor moments that cannot ever be recaptured..just think, you can actually be the bride and groom, while basking in all the love that's around you! What a novel concept :)

It seems like not a day passes by that I am not explaining in some shape or fashion why having a wedding planner is a very good thing. In talking with colleagues on a nationwide basis - I'm seeing this trend of people wanting to find "professional" coordinators to manage their events...but for $250 or less! I'm sorry...but no true professional worth their salt is going to be had for that price. The sheer amount of work that we perform to help an event flow and come together is enormous and believe me - we work HARD!!! My client had the right attitude and thought pattern - she sees a professional planner as an asset and an investment. It's her time, her sanity, her very special day...all up for grabs. What she realizes (and I hope more people do also!) is that having someone like me on her "team" is how the game gets played - and won.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I felt the same way she did. You and your team were an investment that I don't regret. Once everything is are like WOW! It's amazing!

Helene Rice, Waldorf, MD