Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Top Ten List

I am a fan of David Letterman - and one of my favorite parts of his show is the Top Ten. His are witty, goofy, downright side splitting - but alas, mine are a bit more sedate. In any case, these "picks" are locales, food and things that I think are absolutely wonderful - here's why:

The Wynn Las Vegas:
All I can say is WOW. This place is amazing - with gorgeous rooms, fabulous restaurants, shop-till-you-drop-and-spend-all-your-money boutiques AND incredible customer service. I had the pleasure of spending a few days there last spring along with some fellow wedding planners and believe me when I say, Steve Wynn got it RIGHT. Once you've stayed here - you will truly be spoiled for any place else in Sin City. I swear, if I ever decide to say "I Do" again - I'll make sure it happens in the beautiful Primrose Garden here at the Wynn. When I saw it during our tour - I instantly knew that it would be THE place for me.......

Dale And Thomas Gourmet Popcorn:
I have loved popcorn since I was a child and we made it over the stove in a cast iron pot with golden kernels and plenty of butter. But if you get one taste of this - you'll be putting the microwave stuff far up on the top shelf of your pantry. I got wind of this fabulous treat at the Special Event Show in Los Angeles this year....omigosh, it was soooooo good. My faves? The Original Kettle Corn (salty sweet) and the Southwest Cheddar Chipotle!! Both of them will make you "ixnay" your diet every single time............

Olivier Laudus Custom Ring Pillows:
At most of my weddings, there is a cute little boy who shyly (in some cases) walks down the aisle, ring pillow perched precariously on his hands. Well, Olivier's customized ring pillows are the stuff dreams are made of - meticulously hand crafted, embellished with crystals and pearls, they are just the thing to make everyone (ringbearer) included go "oohhh and ahhh"...

I love this place for so many reasons - too numerous to mention here. So, let's just say that as a wedding planner/designer - I get a ton of inspiration from just walking through the aisles of this retail giant. Great wedding design - or any design for that matter, comes from having the "eye" - the ability to look at something and then craft it into a masterpiece. From hardware to the bath aisle...I have found amazing ideas to help me put an original stamp on my work. And you can create stunning - without breaking the bank!!

So Fudgin' Good:
For all of you chocoholics and fudgeaholics out there - may I present to you, a source of nirvana.. This is good fudge - rich, decadent, eat-it-all-in-one-sitting, fudge. Everyone of my clients who has used it for favors, welcome baskets or as treats for the bridal party, has simply fallen in love with it. Handmade and lovingly packaged - this is a sweet thing, enjoy it responsibly!!

Flyboy Naturals:
Velvety soft, environmentally conscious and just plain beautiful - these freeze dried flower petals are such a wonderul way to add vibrancy and romance to any celebration. I've used them on many occasions and the effect is nothing short of gorgeous. AND - because they are freeze dried, they last a long, long time......did I mention, they are a great "green" alternative for weddings and other special events.

Half Moon Resort
On my very first trip to the sunny island of Jamaica - I stayed at this resort. And I thought I was in the Garden of Eden. Powder soft beach, immaculate grounds (over 400 acres!), luxurious villas - complete with a butler and maid, scrumptious food and the laid back, relaxed nature of the island all add up to an incredible vacation.

Toppers With Glitz
I like things that are different. I also am attracted to "shiny" objects, so these sparkly cake toppers are right up my alley. Owner Sari Watkins takes something as simple as letters, weaves her magic and voila! The result is a shining, glittering, eye-catching bauble that will be the finishing touch on your sweet confection. From simple to simply breathtaking, these one-of-a-kind items give just the right amount of BLING (and we all love bling, right??) to make your cake spectacular!

Wonderful Graffiti
You know, typically - graffiti is not viewed as a "good thing". But once you lay your eyes on this masterful script, I think you'll change your mind :). This is a great way to "think outside" of the design box and move away from the typical. Instead of hanging a picture on the wall - why not mount your thoughts, wishes and dreams? From a child's bedroom to your home office, this is a great way to keep the written word in full view at all times.....

Verdi Spumante:
I am such a HUGE fan of this inexpensive, yet deliciously sweet sparkling wine. So much so, that I keep a few bottles on chill..for me and for my friends :). Wines are really an acquired taste, so if you are like me and lean more towards things that will tickle your tongue and not make you pucker up - I think you'll appreciate and enjoy this varietal.
Sip it while you're fixing dinner, savor it in the bath with lots of bubbles and candlelight, enjoy it while you peck away at the keyboard of your computer, toast your celebrations in sweet style!
It comes in three delightful flavors - original, raspberry sparkletini and peach. Besides at $4.99 - $7.99 a bottle (depending on where you live), you can't beat the price!!!

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Tracey Kumer-Moore, JWIC said...

Hey Linnyette,
Fun Top 10-! Thanks for mentioning the "Toppers with Glitz" because I had been trying to find that site after I accidentally lost it from my web favorites.

And I agree, D&T is delicious stuff:)

I have to think of my Top 10 theme for March as well.

Leslie said...

Linnyette - I LOVE your top ten! don't kill me, but I'm creating my own for my blog.