Monday, March 2, 2009

Because Not Everyone Is A Size 6....

The truth of the matter is that the average size for American women is now a 14. I know that many of my fuller figured brides lament over the process of finding the gown which will enhance their lush beauty - sadly enough, most bridal shops don't generally carry larger sample sizes, so brides have to "make do" with what is in the store and can only visualize as to how they will look until the actual gown order is received at the shop.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a book called "Down That Aisle In STYLE" - a wonderful guide for full figured brides. Author Chamein Canton has put together a beautiful, insightful and factual publication that really shows how to make the most of the abundance you were blessed with! From dress styles, to hair and makeup ideas, floral suggestions - "Down That Aisle In STYLE" is a great gift for a bride to be - or for your own pleasure if there's a wedding in your future!

Chamein is also an accomplished romance novelist - her book Bliss, Inc. tells the story of a full figured wedding planner who finds love with the groom's brother! Reading romance novels is what I do in my spare time, so finding one that features the profession I love so much is a double plus for me!

Sidebar: Those of you who are attending the "I DO Brunch For Wedding Planners" next month will be the lucky recipients of Bliss, Inc.!!!!

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Cezzanne's Daughter said...

Thanks for sharing this book! I am definitely putting it on my TO READ list. It is also frustrating how many designers design dresses so small. So you have to buy two sizes bigger than your street size...which ofcourse most stores don't carry in sample sizes. I have also had this same problem with bridesmaid dresses. All my bridesmaids are beautiful curvy ladies and often the sample dresses do not come in their size.