Sunday, November 2, 2008


(photo by Jeffrey Weir Photography)

Today's DISH has everything to do with shoes. Those of you who know me well also know that I am a bonafide shoe FANATIC...the fact that I own over 200 pair is, well....beside the point :)

Most brides I know spend a fair amount of time finding the perfect shoe to wear with their dress (or dresses if you are a 2 gown or more gal). Ditto for the ladies in their wedding we all know, a great shoe really gives any outfit that certain dash of "pow"! However, there's nothing like strutting your stuff only to have the heel of that ultra-fab shoe get stuck in a utility grate, the crack in the sidewalk or a couple of inches into otherwise unforgiving grass or mud. Unless you are "flatting" it for the day in ballet slippers or flip flops, you and your heels will meet up with a force that's not so kind.

Enter the Sole Mates High Heeler. Created by Becca Brown & Monica Murphy, this ingenious "helper" allows women to wear their gorgeous stilletos, kitten and other high heels without the worry or aggrivation of getting stuck in a unforgiving sidewalk crack, or sinking to unpleasant depths in wet mud or grass. The premise and use are simple - place the heel in one of the Sole Mates, tap lightly to assure that it's on securely and you are done!

What a great gift for the bride to be or her wedding party! And at $11.95 per set - it's a small price to pay for the preservation of your fabulous shoes!! Retail locations are listed on the website or you can order online and free shipping is available in the United States if you purchase two or more sets.

Many thanks to my colleague, Loretta Smith of Final Touches Make The Difference, LLC in Indianapolis for introducing me to this amazing product and gracing me with my first 2 pair! So..that's two down with about 100 more to go :)


Erika Gregory said...

I LOVE these. They are especially great when walking across city grates. They have truly saved many a pair of heels for me.

Charming Events said...

I have broken many a heel so these would be great! 200 pairs of shoes?! Wow you need a post to tell us more ;)

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

There is no post I could ever write about my love affair (read: obsession) with shoes! My late mom was the same way...and she taught me that a great shoe REALLY makes an outfit sing :)

From a pair of $1 flip-flops to my coveted Manolo Blahniks...I've them in so many different colors, styles and ranges. I simply love them!!!!