Saturday, September 13, 2008

The DISH - Special E Rescue Service

Today's DISH is a sound, environmentally conscious program that was introduced to me as I've been planning the's annual Networking Event here in Baltimore.

According to their website, "The Special E is a unique "green" service that rescues leftovers from meetings, conferences, trade shows, banquets, parties, weddings, and special events, then recycles them in ways that help our planet and people in need. For example, we'll rescue leftover food and deliver it to food banks, soup kitchens, and emergency shelters to feed people that are hungry and homeless. We'll rescue buffet leftovers that are normally thrown out and convert them into organic-rich compost. This benefits the environment and helps reverse the effects of global warming by conserving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Can you saw "WOW!"? As a wedding and event planner, I have seen TONS of food get thrown out after a function, and I always think about how that could have gone to a shelter or fed someone who didn't have a meal that day. There are so many, many people in our communities who are literally starving, families who cannot put enough food on their tables and children who are going to bed hungry at night. Knowing that someone in need is benefiting from the leftovers of a joyous occasion is actually a pretty good feeling.

The Special E can also rescue leftover floral arrangements, taking them to hospitals, hospices and senior centers to brighten someone's otherwise stark and dreary environment. They can also take the empty cans of beer and soda - recycle them properly and ensure that they don't end up as trash in our landfills and green spaces.

We only have one Earth - and we need to take care of her as best we can. I encourage everyone to do their part - and The Special E is a great start.

P.S. The Special E is available nationwide - contact them for services in your area.

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Liz@The Wedding Bistro said...

This is a great idea! It's really sad to see leftovers go to waste, so this service is definitely serving a good cause.