Sunday, September 14, 2008

Austin, Texas

(The capital of Texas!)

(At the VIP Reception with Barbara Hearne of Barbara's Brides)

(Enjoying a glass of sangria with John-John, the "Wedding Butler")

(members of AWEC)

(Guests came from Houston, Dallas and other parts of Texas!)

(Yummy Tea Sandwiches!)

(LOVE this centerpiece!)

(The fragrant yellow rose of Texas adorned my pillow each night....)

(What a delicious way to say "Welcome"!)

It was a week ago today that I was spending time in Austin, Texas as the guest of AWEC (Austin Wedding & Event Coordinators Association).

One of my colleagues at Coordinator's Corner as well as a charter member of AWEC, Barbara Hearne, asked me a few months ago if I would come and "chat" with them about the industry of professional wedding coordinating, my experiences over these past 16 years, what lessons I've learned and what I think the future holds for our profession. While that may seem like a lot to cover - the 2 hours flew by! I absolutely LOVE sharing the little bit of knowledge I have with other, like minded individuals - and this afternoon was no exception.

The historic Driskill Hotel was the amazing venue that hosted this event - and their staff is absolutely accommodating. From the chocolates in my room, to the yellow rose of Texas on my pillow every night - I can't say enough about the Driskill! And on the day of my event, their catering staff provided us with yummy tea sandwiches, decandent fruits and chocolates, savory breads and a tasty sangria that made us all say "Ole!".

To the ladies of AWEC - thank you once again for having me. I hope to visit with you again real soon! Here are some photos from the event - take a look at a bit of good ole' Texas hospitality!!


Your Very Own Fairy Godmother said...


AWEC members and Your Very Own Fairy Godmother team members alike are still raving about you! Not only your informative and entertaining presentation, but your willingness to share, your approachability, and how down-to-earth you are. You offered inspiration to many. I personally was both reassured of many of my business practices and challenged to improve some areas of my business model. You are a true blessing to our industry, and we greatly appreciate your time and your desire to uplift fellow colleagues.

Dawn Earley
AWEC Vice President
Your Very Own Fairy Godmother Owner

Something To Celebrate said...

I just came home from an AWEC event and I can't tell you how many times your name came up! Your session was such a great blessing for our humble profession. I left feeling charged up, ready to serve my clients to my fullest ability. Others are asking where they can buy your materials - you need to write a book!!!
Thank you again. Give us a holler if you ever find yourself in Austin again... we'd love to treat you to fajitas. :)

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

It was my distinct pleasure! I've been so very blessed in this business that I don't mind sharing with others...I do think our industry would prosper even more if others took the same approach!

Good business owners are always searching for ways to "up the ante" on their endeavors, so I'm glad to hear that some of my practices helped open a new door for you!!

It was great meeting you!

P.S. I meant to tell you that I simply LOVED your haircut - so chic and so pretty!!!!

Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

You are not the only one who says I need to write a book, so I might just have to consider doing that!!

Whenever I'm in Austin again - I'm taking you up on the them!!!!