Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Bridal Mini

(Bridal Mini photos courtesy of the company's website)

I get a lot of requests to review wedding related products - so I thought I'd share this particular one!

It's called the "Bridal Mini" and in essence - it's a miniature wedding dress top that can be used in so many ways. From my viewpoint as a planner - it's ideal for those makeup and hair trials where you REALLY need to get the full "effect" of how things are going to look - but you don't want to (and in many cases - can't) lug your actual wedding dress around!!

You can also wear it at your bachelorette party over a cute pair of jeans or a skirt - and everyone will know EXACTLY who the guest of honor is!! `With three different styles available (sweetheart, strapless and halter), owner Carol Cleary has definitely made the Bridal Mini an asset in every bride's pre-wedding closet. Additional details and ordering information can be found by visiting the company's website at Bridal


Shayna Walker said...

What a cute idea - and great applications for wedding planners. Thank you for sharing those!

An Atlanta Bride said...

What a GREAT idea!!