Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bringing Sexy Back.....

To my feet- that is!!! As a girl who loves her pedicures and toe jewelry, imagine my delight when I found the coolest, hippest thing to wear for a beach wedding? Jan Baker, the brainchild behind "Jewels By Jan", a San Diego, California based entrepreneur has created an amazing "barefoot sandal" that can be worn for a wedding or any other time you want to go "bare" but keep your style going on!

Since I will be off to the Grenadines next week for a destination wedding, I thought this would be the perfect time to try out some new footwear. And - since I already own over 200 pairs of shoes (no - that's not a typo!), I figured some new, lightweight "kicks" would fit the bill!

I chose two pairs - "Antique Black" (will mesh perfectly with my beach wedding "uniform" of the little black sundress - must keep it professional while at work!) and a simply ethereal design called "Heavenly Glow", for when I'm not doing the wedding thing and I'm roaming the beach. Each of the sandals are strung by hand and are comprised of some of the most delicate, sparkling crystals to ever grace a foot!

Jan and her team also offer these works of art for men (can't leave them out - now can we?) and children. So - if you are headed off to enjoy some sand, surf and sun...consider checking out her website at and pick up a pair of your own!!

P.S. I'm planning to wear these sparkly sandals during my taping of "Married Away" check out my tootsies during the episode when it airs later this year!!!!!

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