Saturday, April 14, 2007

And We're Back!!!!

Oh - what a hectic couple of weeks it's been! First, let me give some major love to the folks in the ATL for welcoming me with open arms!!! I was the special guest speaker for V-103's Annual Bridal Affair and believe me when I say.....Atlantans know how to roll out the red carpet - they've got that "Southern Hospitality" down to a science :)

I had the opportunity to hook up with Atlanta's #1 DJ - the one and only Frank Ski of V-103 FM. Frank and I go way back, to the days when he was the #1 DJ ruling the airwaves here in Baltimore - so it was really good to see him again! We had a great on air interview, with many hugs after it was all over!! Then, I was headed down the hall to another interview with the talk-radio queen of the ATL, Ms. Jean Ross at WAOK. Jean is another Baltimorean who's made Atlanta her home - and we were reminiscing about all of the things that are so common to the town we both love.

However - the hightlight of my trip down South was the Bridal Affair, held at the gorgeous Georgia International Convention Center. This is an annual gathering, with brides (and grooms!) coming from all over the greater Atlanta area to see what's new for their nuptial celebrations. I really like interacting with folks, so being able to get on stage and share some helpful tips as well as field questions from the audience was amazing for me! To everyone who stopped by to say "hello" - thanks for all of the LOVE!! And yes - I'll be back later this year, with even more fabulous wedding inspiration and information for you to enjoy!!!

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