Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm starting a new feature on my blog called " The DISH" - it will highlight new products, offerings, locations, up-and-coming companies, anything that I think is new, cool and worth a minute of your time!

Today's DISH was sent to me by a local entrepreneur with a growing national presence. Jamila White, Chief JOY Officer at J.Blossom & Company, is the driving force behind this Baltimore-based company which specializes in sweet-smelling toiletries for our littlest DIVA's. J.Blossom's line of body washes, lotions, and lip balms are just the right sized and flavors for our youngest ladies-in-waiting, with positive, image-affirming messages right on the package!

After taking a look at my sample box, I immediately thought about all of the pretty little flower girls I see almost every weekend. What a great way to bestow a lovely gift upon the dainty ones participating in your wedding as well as support them with the message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! With supportive phrases such as "Beautiful Skin Comes In All Shades" , " I Am Totally Loveable", and my personal fave, "Girls Can Do ANYTHING", you're sure to find something for the littlest lady in your wedding party!!

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